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Lynsoyl Laxative Jelly 225G

Manufacturer: Mckesson
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Lynsoyl is an over-the-counter raspberry-flavored jelly that helps ease constipation and regulates your bowel movements. This gel is sugar-free and has 78% mineral oil.
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Lynsoyl Laxative Jelly 225 Grams

Lynsoyl is a jelly consumed in different ways to ease constipation. The gel tastes like a jam that can be spread on a cracker and work well for all ages. If you are constipated, start by taking Lynsol 2 to 3 times a day, and when you start getting regular bowel movements, cut down on your doses. The gel does not replace your jelly taste but is very good compared to other products on the market, and the raspberry flavor tastes good. It is a form of mineral oil that effectively gets regular bowel movements back. Being a form of laxative, use it when required.

Lynsoyl laxative makes your mouth and lips greasy, so be prepared for it. It works well for constipated kids who do not get regular bowel movements. This jelly helps prepare your kids for potty training and does not cause diarrhea.

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