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MalleoTrain Ankle Brace

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MalleoTrain Ankle Brace by Bauerfeind
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MalleoTrain Ankle Brace treats and prevents sprains, soreness, weak ligaments and arthritis
The 3D knit style of this brace helps in increasing the circulation and speeding up the healing process
MalleoTrain has molded pads for added comfort that reduces inflammation and pain
Padded on both sides of the ankle gives a cushioning effect by massaging the ankles while moving

Additional Features and Details:

Material is breathable and soft
Easy to wear and remove
Available in Gray Color
Available for each foot; right and left
German Product

Size Chart:

Size  1  2  3  4  5 6
Circumference in cm  17-19   19-21   21-23   23-25   25-27   27-29

Measure around your ankle above the bone.