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MaxTrax Air Ankle Walker

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MaxTrax Air Ankle Walker by Aircast
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Features and Specifications:

  • MaxTrax Air Walker is the same like any other standard walkers in addition to the pneumatic liner.
  • It provides greater comfort by compression and aids in healing fractures.
  • It reduces swelling and pain during post operative procedures.
  • It has adjustable air chambers for accomodating the changes in swelling during the rehab process.
  • The pump is designed to make the liner simple and adjustable.

Size Chart:

n/a≤4≤ 5Pediatric / X-Small
≤ 54.5 - 6n/aSmall
5.5 - 106.5 - 11n/aMedium
10.5 - 13.511.5 - 14.5n/aLarge
14 - 17n/an/aX-Large