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Medela Calma Solitaire

Manufacturer: Medela
SKU: medela_calma_solitaire
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Medela Calma Solitaire-Perfect way for transitioning your baby from breastfeed to bottle feed.
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Calma is a great and an innovative way to introduce breast fed babies to bottle feeding. The baby learns the natural way of feeding in the same way as he learned at the breast. This makes switching your baby from breast to bottle quite easy.

Moms can use this as an alternative to breastfeeding by expressing their milk and feeding through Calma. It allows the baby to suck, swallow and breathe in the same way as they learned at the breast.

Features and Benefits:

  • The flow, shape and length of Calma is designed perfectly t meet the requirements of the babies as they grow.
  • Calma teats are regulated with a venting system which helps the baby avoid swallowing air as they feed.
  • It provides easy transition from breast to the bottle.
  • One size and shape can work for all.
  • It is BPA free which makes it safe for the baby,