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Medela Slouch Bag BreastPump

Manufacturer: Medela
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Medela Slouch Bag BreastPump to pump in style
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Pump In Style Slouch Bag Breast Pump also known as Pump in style Advanced is a double electric breast pump for daily use designed especially for moms who express milk several times a day. It is portable and provides discreet pumping anywhere. The slouch bag features a convenient built in pump. 

The Medela Breastpump works on 2 phase expression technology which is based on 2 phases of how babies breatfeed.

  1. First is the stimulation phase to stimulate the milk flow.
  2. Second is the expression phase where the let down starts allowing the milk to flow faster.


  • 2 Phase expression technology with one touch let down.
  • Daily and easy use for moms who pump several times a day.
  • Slouch Bag has built in pump and spacious enough to carry everything needed to pump.
  • Battery pack to pump anywhere and anytime. 8 AA batteries not included.
  • Comfortable pump settings and adjustments.
  • Can hold 4 breastmilk bottles and ice pack to keep the milk bottles cool.
  • The slouch bag also has built in bottle holders and a tubing storage pocket to prevent spilling of milk.
  • It also contains breastshields, removable pump in a separate bag, work surface and mesh storage bags.

** All parts of the Breastpump that come in contact with the breast milk are BPA Free