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Menthogel- a gel solution for (Arch,Big Toe,Bunion,High Heel Protectors)

Manufacturer: Bios
Canadian Dollar
Menthogel , a stretchable solution with soft gel pad to relieve pressure on your feet. This product is designed for people with flat feet,bunions or pain in Arch, big toe, or by wearing high heels.

Gel Protectors:

A scented daily wear to freshen up your feet and helps to absorb impact to relieve you of any pain you have throughout the day.

Gel Toe Seprators:

  • Gel Relieve Toe Pain fast and quick
  • Toes that rub it straightens & Aligns to relieve you of any discomfort
  • A gel based cushion helps in Relieving the Pressure on your toe
  • A Guaranteed Relief in fraction of cost
  • Pain free gel solutions for weeks.

Gel Arch Protectors:

    • Very Easy to apply: A Self stick gel cushion works with all types of shoes and heels.
    • Get Rid Of Foot Pain: Gel your arch to get well. Works on   conditions which include: 

    • Metatarsalgia
    • Sensations that burn at the ball of the foot
    • Neuromas
    • Fat Pad Atrophy
    • bunion pain
    • calluses
  • The scented gel cushions will keep your feet pain free and refreshed day in day out.

Bunion Protectors:

Painful bunions are very hard to handle and we look for solutions everyday. The gel bunion protectors are cost effective and refreshing for your feet. They help to keep your feet pain free. Bunion protectors come in a set of 2.

A bunionette is a deformed bone which sticks out on the outside of your 5th toe finger. In the beginning the problem is small but can turn out to be very painful. Surgery is the last option and before that we have bunionette splints and shoes to help you recover from this problem.Bunionette gel cushion relieve the pain on your little toe finger the fifth toe. Quality product dispensed from a canadian brand.

A. Toe Separators (Set of 4)
B. Tubular Protection
C. Toe Separators (Set of 2)
D. Bunion Protection (Set of 2)
E. Bunionette Protection (Set of 2)
F. Forefoot Cushions (Set of 2)
G. Toe Cushions (Set of 2)
H. Arch Cushions (Set of 2)
I. Healthy Insoles (Set of 2)
J. Heel Protectors (Set of 2)
K. Forefoot Insoles (Set of 2)