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Weighted Lap Pads: Hexagon - Blue

The touch responsive gel shapes encourage hand/finger strength and dexterity. Different shapes and colors helps help with shape and color recognition.
$52.80 $68.64

Weighted Vests: X-Large

Weighted vests help to add weighted resistance to any workout.Padding at the shoulders provides extra comfort.
$164.80 $214.24

Wetness Alerting Device

Alarm wakes the user before getting wet.Successfully treats bed wetting by waking up the user to urinate.
$155.20 $201.76

Wheelchair Back Pack

$49.60 $64.48

Wheelchair Poncho - Rain

This is a unisex,water repellent rain poncho that is perfect for wheelchair users.
$67.20 $87.36

Wheelchair Poncho - Winter

This is a unisex,water repellent winter poncho that is perfect for wheelchair sers.
$80.00 $104.00

Wheelchair Posture Support: Children 8 to 12 years old

This product promotes correct sitting posture while limiting forward and lateral leaning
$56.00 $72.80