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OS1st Knee Compression Sleeve - The KS7

Manufacturer: OS1st Products
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OS1st Compression Knee Sleeve relieves knee pain and discomfort. Perfect fit for active and pain free lifestyle.
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KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve

The KS7 Knee compression sleeve provides relief from pain and discomfort caused due to injury. It provides warmth and support to the affected area. It is lightweight and comfortable sleeve made of high grade nylon material that will not make your skin sweat or itch or make the sleeve slip down dueing any activity. The KS7 is the best sleeve for an active and a pain free lifestyle.

How does the KS7 relieve pain?

The KS7 knee sleeve is the best in medial grade compression sleeve that has 7 zones of support. By using the Compression Zone Technology, it relieves chronic knee pain, arthritis pain, patellar tendonitis and many other forms of knee pain.

Maximum Support and Comfort!

OrthoSleeve has medical grade compression which is accurate and is backed by science for a revolutionary approach to knee bracing. The KS7 Sleeve increases blood circulation thus reducing swelling and water retention in the knees. It distributes graduated compression which increases the blood circulation. Due to 7 compression zones, the knee gets a broader spectrum of support.

The KS7 sleeve stabilizes the knee thus preventing pain and swelling due to unsupported motion or movement. It has a wider thigh band and gel stabilizers to keep the sleeve in place.

It has also has a shaped to fit design due to which it takes the shape of the leg and the knee making it easier to bend the knee at a natural angle. It is very easy to wear the sleeve and can fit under any normal clothing.

Available in Black and Natural color


  • All day comfort
  • Provides best support which is fast and effective
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Light weight material makes it very comfortable
  • Helps in healing faster with a cooling effect.

Sizing Chart:

os1st knee size chart