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Product reviews for Medela Swing Breastpump

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Like this pump!
I had a pre mature baby, My baby was so weak,she couldn't nurse well. I was so worried for her feed but my gyne advised me to use this pump. I am so happy and relaxed and glad that I listened to my doc. I used this pump, what a relief! Very effective and supportive product.
Greg | 6/2/2016 3:11 PM
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Perfect Pump!
Fantastic pump. It made my life so easy. Safe and comfortable to use. Easy to handle and operate. It is better than the manual pump. I would definitely recommend to others.
Greg | 6/6/2016 3:08 PM
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Very useful
I have used this pump post my delivery and it is great. I can use it with no pain and discomfort. I have used other pumps before but they were not so useful. They didn't really work, very time consuming and uncomfortable but where as about Medela breast pump,it is the best. Great device in a small price.
Unknown | 6/7/2016 6:49 AM
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Comfortable and efficient
It is a light and small breast pump,so it is easy to handle,light,compact and very comfortable.  This little device has a great and adjustable suction. Easy to clean and assemble. Definitely recommend to others.
Greg | 6/8/2016 7:25 AM
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No discomfort or pain
I have used other options of breast pump but Medela swing breast pump  is the best among all. It is totally worth the price. Works great and moreover it is simple to use and easy to wash.  There is no pain or discomfort while expressing milk. I recommend this product to all the moms who are looking for a nice pumping solution
Greg | 6/9/2016 3:00 PM
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Fantastic pump!!
I rejoined my job when my baby was 5 months old. The only issue was I can’t come home for feeding the baby during my working hours. So the solution I chose was Medela Swing breast pump. It made my life so easy and relaxed. It is so easy to express milk.  I can concentrate on work  without any stress. All thanks to this excellent product.
Greg | 6/13/2016 1:45 PM
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Relaxed and relieved
I am a working mother. Although I wanted to give breast milk to my baby but I couldn't shuffle from office to home every now and then. I was so tensed that I was thinking either to quit the job or shift my baby from breast milk to formula milk. I discussed it with my son's pediatric and he suggested me to use medela swing breast pump to store milk. I am glad I have listened to him. I have used it and I am so relaxed. It is safe and comfortable. I am feeling so relaxed and relieved.
Greg | 6/16/2016 3:02 PM
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Liked it
Though breast pumps are an easy and comfortable option for working mothers yet I was not comfortable at first,when my doc suggested me to use it as I am a working mother. But when I used Medela swing breast pump, my opinion changed. Milk can be expressed with an ease and comfort. It is a BPA free product hence safe to use.
Greg | 6/21/2016 3:35 PM
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