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    Manufacturer: ProFoot

    Profoot Vita Gel All Day Bunion (NOT AVAILABLE)

    CAD 8.48
    CAD 10.17
    All-Day Bunion Wrap relives pressure on bunion pain immediately and soft wrap around gel reduces pressure by moving big toe.

    SKU: Mak -34390
    Vendor: Wilson
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    Existing reviews
    Works well
    Bunion pain makes walking unpleasant and painful. I am using this vita gel and it is working for me. It has corrected the issue. These are soft and comfortable and hold up well to daily use. I do the daily activities with ease now and walking is no more a pain. I highly recommend them
    From: Guest | Date: 9/14/2016 12:01 PM
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    Very effective and comfortable
    I am using this product and I am pretty happy and satisfied with the way it works. I have noticed a lot of improvement. Profoot Vita Gel All Day Bunion re-positions big toe and relieves bunion pressure. An effective aid, soft and comfortable on the toes. Highly recommended.
    From: Guest | Date: 9/26/2016 1:58 PM
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    Works well for painful bunions
    Profoot Vita Gel is an excellent bunion pain reliever. Its soft wrap-around gel soothes sore toes.This gel repositions the big toe which in result minimizes bunion pressure. Very effective,supportive and instant reliever for painful bunions.
    From: Guest | Date: 10/7/2016 2:15 PM
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    Comfortable & useful
    I am using this vita gel and it worked for me. Profoot vita gel provides a quick relief from painful bunions. It eases the bunion pressure. Moreover, this gel soothes and comforts sore toes. It is comfortable and can easily worn inside a shoe.I highly recommend this product to anyone with bunion pain.
    From: Guest | Date: 10/11/2016 12:38 PM
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