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Remedy Pro Off Loading Shoe (orthowedge healing shoe)

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Helps in reducing forefoot pressure and accelerates the healing process.
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The Remedy Pro Off Loading Shoe helps in reducing forefoot pressure and is used for Forefoot Trauma, Post Surgical Healing, Diabetic Ulcers or Wounds. The wedge design promotes healing by transferring weight behind the MP joints and reducing pressure on the forefoot. The off-loading effect allows wounds under the metatarsal heads or toes and post-forefoot trauma to heal faster.


Easy Forefoot Closure: Wide, removable forefoot closure strap can be easily adjusted for maximum security without buckles.

Wedge Design: Reduces forefoot pressure by shifting weight to midfoot and heel.

Square Toe Box: The square toe provides toe protection and an improved fit.

Durable sole: Mid foot & heel tread provide traction where patient needs it most for safety and support.

Padded Liner and Adjustable Ankle Strap: Ankle strap helps in positioning the heel and the padded liner reduces friction thus providing support and protection.

Seamless Padded heel: Seamless heel negates the chances of ulcerations and wounds due to elimination of friction.

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