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SecuTec Dorso (Intervertebral Disk Prolapse)

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SecuTec Dorso by Bauerfeind
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SecuTec Dorso is a brace for a high level support of the lumbar and lower spine


  • SecuTec Dorso is used to provide support in case of degeneration of the muscles
  • It provides support to the lumbar spine and lower thoracic spine by relieving pressure
  • Pressure is released with the help of corset stays
  • The corset stays can be shaped for a proper fit

Additional Features and Details:

  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Low Power Tensioning Straps have finger pockets and velcro straps which allow the orthosis to be managed easily
  • Made up of breathable material which is soft on the skin
  • Used to treat osteporosis, post operative lumbar stabilization

Size Chart:

Size  1   23


Body circumference in cm75cm - 85cm85cm - 95cm95cm - 105cm105cm - 115cm115cm- 125cm125cm - 135cm

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