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Medi-Logics Silicone Toe Separators

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Silicone Toe Separators come in a Pair. They help in reducing friction between fingers thus helping in reducing friction and irritation between the toes. Silicon Help relieve pain of soft corns (between toes)
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  • Reduce bunion or Hallus Valgus pain
  • Constant pressure helps in reducing pain
  • Pressure helps in promoting proper joint alingment
  • Silicon Toe Spreaders separate and protect dislocated and over lapping toes
  • minimize friction that can lead to painful injuries of the toes
  • Silicon toe seprator helps in correcting deformations of the balls of your feet.
  • Made out of hygienic silicon
  • 100% silicon based.

Large would go between the big toe and second, medium would go between the middle toes and the small would go between the baby toe and second to last.