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SofTec OA plus (knee arthrosis or osteoarthritis)

Manufacturer: Bauerfeind
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SofTec OA plus An Bauerfeind Brand


  • SofTec OA Plus is used to relieve the medial knee compartment and to stabilize it
  • It is used after an injury to the inner meniscus to help stabilize and relieve pressure on the affected area and allowing muscle play
  • SofTec OA Plus consists of knit and strap system with moulded shells, padded cushions and an air bladder system that can be emptied or filled as per requirement

Additional Features and Details:

  • Multi talented knee orthosis
  • The moulded shells can be heated and can be adapted according to the shape of the leg of the patient
  • German product

A multi-talented knee orthosis

SofTec OA can be adjusted in many ways and offers targeted pressure relief for the knee joint. The flexible SofTec vector knit contains an integral functional element with pressure cushions, carbon fiber shells  and an air bladder system. This functional element can be removed prior to washing or making any modifications. External fine adjustment of the orthosis is possible by means of four non-elastic straps and the air bladder system. The knee cannot twist and the kneecap is held securely in its centered position.

Size Chart:

Standard sizes1234567
3 Circumference above in cm41 - 4544 - 4948 - 5351 - 5754 - 6057 - 6360 - 66
1 Circumference middle in cm32 - 3535 - 3838 - 4141 - 4444 - 4747 - 5050 - 53
2 Circumference below in cm31 - 3534 - 3836 - 4039 - 4342 - 4645 - 4948 - 52