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Solaris 705Plus Stim 3 Channels

Manufacturer: Compass Health
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Dynatronics has combined the popular features of the Solaris Series with revolutionary Tri-Wave Light to create the innovative Solaris Plus Series. The Solaris Plus 705 offers 7 Stim waveforms, and the option of adding Tri-Wave Light Therapy. Exclusive Target and Target Sweep are still standard, allowing interferential treatment to be moved directly over the center of interference. Power and Flexibility Solaris Plus delivers 7 Stim waveforms including IFC, Premod, Biphasic, Russian, High Volt, Microcurrent, Direct Current, and Fixed Frequency IFC/Premod plus the Solaris Plus 705 offers the new Tri-Wave Light Therapy. Best of all, Solaris Plus 705 has the power to deliver up to 3 channels of Stim, and Tri-Wave Light Therapy through both Probe and Pads—all at the same time. Introducing Tri-Wave Light Deliver any combination of 3 wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and blue) using the Tri-Wave Light Probe or 2 robust 5” x 7” Tri-Wave Light Pads. Dual Light Pads allow for greater coverage of a joint, treatment of 2 separate areas simultaneously, and the ability to treat large areas of the body when placed side by side. The Dynatronics ThermoStim Probe, an optional accessory to our new Solaris Plus, allows a practitioner to deliver heat or cold therapy in combination with electrical stimulation—AT THE SAME TIME—significantly reducing the time typically required to administer separate treatments. The Solaris Plus has a 2 years warranty, parts and labour D705 Plus Included Accessories Qty Description 1 Power Cord (black) 1 Operator’s Manual on CD 1 Protocol Reference Manual for Electrotherapy & Ultrasound 1 72” red lead) 1 72" black lead 1 Ultra Polys™ Self-adhesive electrodes 2” x 4” w/pin connector (pkg. of 4) 1 2.5” x 48” straps (pkg. of 2) 1 5” x 8” dispersive electrode for High Volt (gray) 1 Sponge Fabric for use with 5”x 8” dispersive electrodes