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Solaris 707Plus Stim/TSP/Light 5 Channels

Manufacturer: Compass Health
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3 standard, 3 oversize & 3 cervical steam packs are included with the heating unit.
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The new Solaris 707Plus facilitates improved outcomes by allowing practitioners to treat with the innovative ThermoStim probe and Tri-Wave Light pads and probe, all at the same time. This 5 channel unit delivers up to 6 waveforms: IFC, Premod, Biphasic, Russian, High Volt, Microcurrent Features separate inlets to allow ThermoStim and Tri-Wave Light pads and probe to be plugged in at all times and ready for treatment. 1 Power Cord (black) 1 Operator’s Manual on CD 1 Protocol Reference Manual for Electrotherapy & Ultrasound 2 120” leads red 2 120” leads black 2 Dynawraps 2'' X 48'' 1 dispersive electrode 1 sponge for dispersive electrode. 1 Ultra Polys™ Self-adhesive electrodes 2” x 4” w/pin connector (pkg. of 4) NOTE: Light Pads, Light Probe and MultiStim Probe are accessories and must be ordered separately.