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Stabilizing Ankle Pro Brace (DonJoy, Soccer and Active Sports)

Manufacturer: DonJoy
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a lace up ankle brace for extra support. Designed for active sports such as soccer, basketball etc.
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Stabilizing Ankle Pro brace

This brace provides extra support to your ankle when you are playing active sports. The brace helps in preventing roll-over ankle sprains and adds to the recovery process from an injury.

Features of Ankle Sports Brace:

  • 800D non-stretch nylon for performance and durability
  • Full circumferential elastic strap secures strapping and provides tibia/fibula compression and stability
  • Lace-up design and trimable figure-8 strapping locks the calcaneus into place and controls inversion/eversion
  • Removable, articulated medial/lateral stays enhance proprioception and stability
  • Fits easily into an athletic or street shoe

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