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Elastic Knee Brace Strapping with doughnut hole

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Strapping Elastic Knee Support by Aircast
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Features and Description:

Best suited in cases of lateral ligament sprains, osteoarthritic pain, meniscal injuries and general knee instabilities.

Elastic knee support is made up of knitted multi directional elastic fabric.

It is knitted loosely on the patella to prevet swelling.

Contains removable elastic strap for additional support and stability.

Can be worn in either left or right knee and is latex free.

Size Chart:

13.5" - 15"X-Small
15.5" - 16.5"Small
17" - 18"Medium
18.5" - 19.5"Large
20" - 21"X-Large
21.5" - 22.5"XX-Large

Measurements taken 15cm above mid-patella