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Strassburg Socks (Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis)

Manufacturer: Strassburg Medical
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Strassburg Sock is a breathable night sock. It helps erase the pain in your tight calves when you take your first steps in the morning—the best solution for pain-free sleep—the original sock designed and manufactured in North America.
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Strassburg Socks (Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock)

  • Research shows that wearing Strassburg socks helps in recovering from plantar fasciitis at a faster rate. 
  • 98% of the patients have shown improvement in under 20 days. Generally, it takes about 60 days to recover if you do not wear a night splint or plantar fasciitis sock at night time, especially in acute cases.
  • The muscles around your calf tend to get tight. This condition is known as Achilles Tendonitis. Wearing Straussburg socks helps in loosening up these ligaments. 
  •  Top podiatrists, therapists have recommended Strassburg socks for recovering from plantar fasciitis pain.

Description and Features of Strassburg Sock:

  • Strassburg sock creates compression and is an easy-to-wear at night time. The compression helps in releasing stress in muscles assisting patients to recover quickly from heel pains.
  • It is pretty easy to use and does not lock the joint movement.
  • A low-cost solution from heel spurs.
  • Doctor free treatment for early morning heel pain.
  • No adverse results, plus the Strassburg sock is comfortable to wear for long durations. Stay pain-free and relaxed during nighttime.
  • This sock can reduce the heel spur pain and can also strengthen the muscle of the foot arch.
  • A breathable, sweat-free solution for Plantar Fasciitis pain. Unbeatable in price and quality, manufactured in North America.

Strassburg socks are available in 2 sizes: Regular and Large.

Regular size fits calf size up to 16 inches. Measure around the calf at the widest point. 

Large size fits calf size 16 to 21 inches. Measure around the calf at the widest point.