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Afo Ankle Brace – (for drop foot)

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Swede-O Smart Step Afo – This product is a complete solution for drop foot problems.
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  • Swede-O Smart Step AFO by Anatech is a perfect solution for drop foot.
  • It is manufactured to absorb shock at the heel.
  • Mimics natural ankle motions during walking.
  • Can be worn with sneakers, sandals and shoes.
  • Easy to assemble without the need of any tools.
  • Shock absorption can be adjusted based on the length of the step and the weight.
  • Available in Left and Right. 
  • Available in Black. 
  • Available in Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. 

Sizing Chart:

size                     men’s                   women’s
Right S/M6 to 10.57 to 11.5
Right L/XL11 to 14.512 to 15
Left S/M6 to 10.57 to 11.5
Left L/XL11 to 14.512 to 15