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Syringe Bulb Irr Tray W - Csr Canada

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Syringe Bulb Irr Tray W - Csr Canada Medline

  • Syringe Bulb Irr tray by Medline Canada is designed to provide accurate pressure control.
  • Syringe features a soft pliable bulb for maximum control of volume.
  • Can be used easily with just one hand.
  • The bulb stands on one end making it perfect to use in clinical settings.
  • Sterile.
  • Available in two trays: Rigid Tray, Sq. Jar, Tyvek Lidding, Drape and Alcohol Pad; Rigid Tray, Sq. Jar, CSR Wrapping, Drape and Iodophor Pad.
  • Latex-free.