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Tena Pads Day Light

Manufacturer: Tena
SKU: TEN-653766
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Tena Pads Day Light Tena
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  • Day light pads by Tena provides long-lasting protection to those with light to heavy urine leakage.
  • The day light pads keep you comfort and secured all day long leaving your skin healthy and soft.
  • Specially designed for our 2-piece pad and pant system. 
  • Dry-fast dual core system allows the fluid to dry quickly leaving the skin dry and soft.
  • This can be used in combination with Tena reusable knit pants.
  • Wetness indicator indicates the user when the brief is to be changed.
  • Non-woven back and front sheets prevent the pad from getting teared and slipping off.
  • The elastics make you fill secured when you are out. 
  • Comes in 1 pack and 6 pack.