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TheraBand Tubing 100 Feet

Manufacturer: ERP Group
SKU: ERP6419-100
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TheraBand Tubing 100 Feet (Tan, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver)

Theraband tubes are exercise equipment used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. They consist of a flexible, stretchy rubber tube in different colours to indicate different resistance levels.These tubes can be used for various exercises to help strengthen and stretch different muscle groups. They support the arms and shoulders, improve core stability, and increase leg flexibility.Theraband tubes are portable and can be used almost anywhere, making them convenient for home exercise programs. They are also versatile, allowing for a wide range of exercises and accommodating different fitness and strength levels.

  • Level 0 | Tan | Extra Thin
  • Level 1 | Yellow | Thin
  • Level 2 | Red | Medium
  • Level 3 | Green | Heavy
  • Level 4 | Blue | Extra
  • Level 5 | Black | Special
  • Level 6 | Silver | Super