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Manufacturer: Bauerfeind
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Viscoelastic foot orthoses for reducing pressure peaks
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  • ViscoPed are viscoelastic insoles used to reduce shock loads on the heels
  • In case of pain in the soles or deformed toes, ViscoPed insoles are used to reduce pain and pressure
  • It reduces the load on the ankle, knees, hip and spine by redistributing the pressure
  • Relieves heel pain

Additional Features and Details:

  • ViscoPed Insoles can be worn in your shoes during walking, playing sports or in your work shoes
  • These are made up of silicon which is soft and comfortable on your skin
  • Non slip and long lasting
  • German Product
  • Sold in Pair

Size Chart:

Size     1     2     3     4     5
Shoe sizes37 - 3839 - 4041 - 4243 - 4445 - 46