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Aquasense Folding Bath Seat

Manufacturer: AquaSense
SKU: 770-525
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Aquasense Folding Bath Seat
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Features and Description:


  • Designed by Aquasense, this folding bath seat is perfect choice for those who need to sit while taking a shower.
  • The seat is made from plastic and is slip resistant.
  • It has small drainage holes to drain off the the water from the seat and to avoid any slippery accidents. 
  • Also has a backrest for the comfort of the users; so that the user can lean backward when taking a shower. 
  • Legs can be adjusted depending upon the comfort the user needs.
  • Bath seat has rubber tips that are slip resistant.
  • Can easily be assembled.
  • Fits most of the bathtubs.
  • Manufactured from a lightweight aluminium.
  • Can hold upto a weight of 113 to 115 kg.