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Donjoy Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit with Cuff Pads (Motorized Cooler)

Manufacturer: DJO Canada
SKU: 11-0493
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Donjoy Iceman CLEAR3 Cold Therapy Unit with Pads by Donjoy.

1 pad of your choice comes FREE with the unit,All pads are sterilized

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** RH = Regular Hose (6.5") , EH = Extended Hose (15")

Donjoy Iceman CLEAR3 Cold Therapy, use this unit and get relief from pain and swelling after your operation. The temperature control for the iceman clear unit gives more control and is one of the few units which provides compression using water using 2 hoses.


  • The all new Donjoy Iceman CLEAR3 cold therapy unit is designed as a cube and helps in minimizing the pain and inflammation, increasing the rehabilitation process
  • There is no need to fill the water again and again the system as it keeps the water cold for almost 8 hours providing cold therapy before it needs to be refilled
  • The motor of the cooler is heavier and much better and can keep water cold for longer hours
  • Consists of a single plug which is simply designed for patient's ease
  • The cooler works with all Donjoy therapy pads
  • Easy to store and move
  • See through cooler to monitor easily the level of water

How Donjoy Iceman CLEAR3 works:

The technology is based on a semi closed loop circulation system that recirculates the water that gets heated by the body temperature. It recirculates the water with cooler's cold water for more constant temperature at the pad.

There are Wrap-On pads that are available with the cooler. They help circulate water over the joint where it is wrapped. The pad can be easily wrapped over the joint using Velcro hooks and a stretch band to easily wrap and secure it.