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Tena Pads Moderate (Regular , Count - 20)

Manufacturer: Tena
SKU: TEN-466383
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Tena Pads Moderate Tena
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  • Moderate Pads by Tena are designed for those people with moderate urine leakage.
  • Ideal for those who expereince leakage while couging, running, laughing or sneezing. 
  • These can be easily fitted in your pocket or purse, so that you can wear it whereever you are.
  • Top layer is built such a way that it pulls in the fluid and keeps the surface dry.
  • The outside layer is made of cloth-like material which keeps your skin soft and dry all day long.
  • pH balanced system fights odor and keeps it odor-free.
  • Adhesive strip to fit properly in your undergarment. 
  • These are wrapped individually to give a decent look.
  • The pad would be 11" long.