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Tena Underwear Anywhere

Manufacturer: Tena
SKU: TEN-36571
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Tena Underwear Anywhere Tena
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  • Underwear Anywhere by Tena is designed foe people with light to heavy urine leakage.
  • These anywhere pads are thin, long and discreet.
  • Super-absorbent micro beads technology absorbs the fluid in and keeps the skin away from wetness providing a smoother skin.
  • The non-woven material prevents the pad from crushing and bunching during the use.
  • When you compare Tena underwear anywhere pads with the normal regular pads, Anywhere pads are thin but the power of pulling the fluid in is more than the regular pads.
  • pH balanced system ensures that there would be no bad-odor.
  • Tena anywhere pads are packed individually and can be easily fitted in a purse.
  • Pads can be taken anywhere and you can stay in comfort even at the parties without the worry of any leakage.