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Aircast IC Cooler Only (Motorized)

Manufacturer: DJO Canada
SKU: AirCast-51A
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Get extended cold therapy for 6 to 8 hours by using IC cooler. Fill it, shut it and get rid of pain and swelling. You will have to buy a cryo cuff separately with this cooler.
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Cryo Cuff IC Cooler

Cryo cuff IC cooler is the best machine available in market for the price range and helps in getting rid of pain in your swollen joints, or any swelling or inflamed tissues around your joints

A patent technology used by aircast provides compression cycles where by mixing cold water in the cuff and maintaining required pressure on your joint. This pressure is created by air in the outer wall of the cuff with the help of a motor fitted in the lid of the cooler.

  • Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC cooler feeds water through gravity and air with motorised cold & compression for prolonged relief.
  • The Ic cooler can be used with any of the aircast cuffs.

The motor of the cuff pumps air into the cuff to create a compression and this happens in interval of 30 seconds. The Non Motorized unit uses gravity feed to create that compression in the cuff.

Cryo cuff IC cooler Features:

  • Very easy to use and carry. Used for post-operative recovery
  • A fill it shut it and use it operation means you don’t have to keep refilling ice agin and again.
  • The motor pumps air for 45 sec and the shuts off for 30 seconds to create automated operation for  compression.
  • The lid comes fitted with a pneumatic pump.

The IC Cooler includes an integrated pneumatic pump inside the cooler lid!

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