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Aircast Cryo Cuff Shoulder Only

Manufacturer: DJO Canada
SKU: AirCast-12A01
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The shoulder cryo cuff is used with an Aircast cooler to provide pain relief from injuries or shoulder surgeries. The cuff is compatible with an Aircast cooler and operates with a gravity feed or IC cooler.
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Aircast Shoulder Cryo Cuff

  • Aircast Shoulder Cuff by DJO Canada is used to give a complete protection to the entire shoulder.
  • On regularly using Shoulder Cryo/Cuff, it reduces swelling and pain providing comfort to its users.
  • It can be ordered with an XL strap for persons having larger chest circumference.
  • Perfect to use for sports injuries and post-operation surgeries.
  • Available in blue.
  • Available in Universal size.