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    Cryo Cuff - Frequently Asked Questions

    A Cryo Cuff is a cold and a compression therapy that is used to releive pain and swelling in patients post therapy. This therapy is called Cryo therapy. A cryo cuff is basically a device that is wrapped around the body part that needs post-operative care be it knee, shoulder, hip, hand, wrist, ankle, elbow or rib. The device is filled with cold water. It basically has 4 parts namely a cuff, a cooler, an insulation disk and a tube.

    Now apart from this basic information on what is cryo cuff and how it works, there are a lot of other questions that appear frequently in newsgroups and in the minds of the people who use this product or those who plan to use it. Some of these questions are listed below.

    Q. Can the cuff be used on the skin directly?

    - The cuff should NOT be used directly on the skin. Use of a small obstruction between the cuff and the skin is recommended.

    Q. My dog chewed the cord of the unit, Can I ourchase a new cord?

    - Yes, you can buy just the cord. Check the link below.


    Q. My ankle cuff has gone bad however I still have the cooler and the tube. Is there anyway that I can purchase only the cuff?

    - Yes, you can certainly buy the Aircast Cryo Cuff. Please check the link below. 


    Q. I have surgery scheduled after 2 weeks. I am not sure what size to buy post operation. Can you suggest a size? My measurement is 18" above the patella.

    - You should go for a Medium size.

    Q. I have used my unit for only a week and today it refuses to turn on. What should I do now? 

    - If the unit is only a week old and it has stopped working, you can get it replaced. If it has been bought from us then you can send it back to us and we will replace it for you. 

    Q. For how long does the unit keeps water cold once filled?

    - Water remains cold for about half an hour.

    Q. How should the knee cryo cuff be placed to get uninterrupted coldness?

    - The cryo cuff should always be placed at the level of the knee or little above the knee.

    Q. Can I use the Aircast motorized cooler in my car as well? 

    - The unit cannot be plugged into the car however the power supply of the unit currently uses 120V at 60 Hz 18 watts as Input and 8.5V DC, 900 mA. Output is unregulated DC. Output voltage at nominal line voltage should be 7VDC at 1.6 amp.

    Q. I have a collateral ligament sprain. Can I wear a cryo cuff for recovering from it? Can it also be worn during my exrecise regime?

    - Yes, cryo cuff is a very good option to recover from the Medial Collateral Ligament sprain. You can use it before and after the exercise but not while exercising.

    Q. I have a swelling in the knee and I am going to purchase a Medium size cuff for myself. Will it get loose after the swelling reduces?

    - No, it would not get loose.

    Q. Please give me knstructions on how to drain the cuff.

    • Empty the cooler first and put it on the ground with the lid off. 
    • Squeeze the cuff to dran the water from the cuff to the cooler.
    • Empty the cooler again.
    • Repeat the process if required.

    Q. There is an O shaped ring on my knee cryo cuff which is no longer sealing. Please I want a replacement for that ring. Can I buy one?

    - The ring cannot be bought however, you can replace the cooler or the tube.

    Q. Will I get cold therapy only at the front of my knee?

    - The cryo cuff provides a total contact therapy. The complete cuff is filled with cold water and it provides cold therapy to the entire area.

    Q. I just had a knee replacement operation and my knee is all swollen up and inflamed. Which knee cryo cuff would you recommend?

    - Both motorized Knee Cryo Cuff and Non Motorized Knee Cryo Cuff will work for you. In the Motorized version, the cold water is pumped into the cuff through a pump. The non motorized version uses gravity to pump water into the pump. Motorized version is much more convenient and easy to use. 

    12/27/2016 11:37 AM
    Can I fill a cryo cuff without using the cooler?
    12/30/2016 5:15 PM
    If you are looking for a O ring replacement that fits to the end of the hose,  you will need to purchase one that is
    3/8" O.D. X 1/4" I.D. X 1/16" in size.  At your local hardware store.
    4/14/2017 2:27 PM
    can i drain the cryo cuff without the tube and cooler?
    5/10/2017 5:03 PM
    so you only fill the pump with cold water and you don't need ice?
    6/13/2017 9:44 PM
    How do I measure to find out the size of knee cryo cuff I need?
    7/7/2017 12:21 AM
    Can I sleep with it on ?
    7/11/2017 7:04 PM
    M add y I use cold cryo over a cast or post surica link dressing?
    9/24/2017 10:32 AM
    my brand new unit won't pulsate !
    2/4/2018 4:08 AM
    how many time aday should u wear air cast after knee surgery
    3/1/2018 10:41 AM
    I came back from the hospital with a cryo cuff for my knee.  How do I fill it with water without a cooler and tube?
    3/1/2018 10:46 AM
    I came back from hospital with the cryocuff for my knee but no cooler.  How do I fill it without a cooler and tube?
    5/14/2018 1:03 AM
    What cleaner can be used to wash the shoulder cyrocuff? My husband wore his like a sling & at night, for support. I know it has sweat on it, so I want to wash it before I put it away in storage.
    5/25/2018 3:49 PM
    Can I use dry ice and rubbing alcohol
    6/6/2018 5:20 PM
    How long does it stay on each cycle!
    6/10/2018 9:58 AM
    Does the tubing ever lime up from the water and how do I clean it to assure maximum water flow?
    6/11/2018 2:42 PM
    For what time period/s (e.g., 15 min.an  hour, all night etc.) should you keep the cuff on your knee after knee replacement surgery?
    6/14/2018 5:23 PM
    The cuff is no longer filling.  Is that the problem of the hose or the cuff?  Which needs replacing?
    8/18/2018 2:14 PM
    How to get rid of a mildew smell from the cuff?
    10/19/2018 4:19 PM
    I bought a replacement o ring at Home Depot. It worked fine, no leaking.
    11/11/2018 12:14 PM
    Can this be used over a cast or is a cast too thick?  I am having ankle surgery.  My doctor mentioned that the cryotherapy will penetrate the cast and that I should start using the machine right after surgery as opposed to two weeks later when he takes the cast off.
    11/18/2018 1:31 AM
    The lid on my crying/cuff lid is stuck what should I do
    3/23/2019 8:15 AM
    Can the cryo cuff be used with hot water to apply local heat?
    5/10/2019 9:42 PM
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    6/24/2019 6:05 PM
    Can you use the motorized Cryocuff as a Gravity fed unit?
    In other words, if your not near power, will it work like the non-powered unit?
    7/9/2019 2:09 PM
    Yes, the motorized version can be used as gravity fed. It is definitely not as convenient but it can be done.
    8/7/2019 9:05 AM
    To get water into a Arctic  knee  pad without manufacturer's tube connector, press-in sprung loaded, top valve with a thin metal rod, e g meat skewer, holding valve down,  fill bag under slowly running tap. When full, release rod to allow valve to re-seat. Works every time. To empty bag, press in filler valve, hold upside down over sink and empty water out.
    8/15/2019 4:48 PM
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    10/7/2019 2:16 PM
    can a use a cyro cuff under a bledsoe knee brace
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