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Tena Pads Ultimate Overnight

Manufacturer: Tena
SKU: TEN-402750
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Tena Pads Ultimate Overnight Tena
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  • Ultimate Overnight Pads by Tena are designed to give you extra protection from urine leakage when you sleep.
  • The unique soft sheet on the upper side pulls the liquid into the sheet keeping the area free from wetness.
  • The cushion-like built will keep you in comfort and enjoy your sleep. 
  • Advanced odor technology prevents any bad odor.
  • Lie-down system protects you at night while sleeping without the fear of fluid leakage sidewards. 
  • Wrapped individually for discreet look and feel. 
  • Adhesive strip keeps you secured all day long without the pad slipping off. 
  • Would be 16" long.
  • Available in 1 Pack and 3 Pack.