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Tena Ultra Thin Pads With Wings -Women (NOT AVAILABLE)

Manufacturer: Tena
SKU: TEN-39945
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Tena Ultra Thin Pads With Wings Tena
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  • Ultra thin pads with wings by Tena are designed for women to feel protected from the unexpected leak. 
  • Ultra pads are designed to be stylish to fit style of every women.
  • Can be used anywhere and can stay in comfort securely.
  • Tena technology is used to absorb the fluid quickly to keep the surface dry keeping you fresh all day long.
  • With Tena ultra thin pads, you can be comfortable without the fear of leakage. 
  • You can wear this with your favourite dress without the fear of leaking.
  • Soft non-woven top sheet sucks in the liquid fastly.
  • Ultra thin pads with wings and adhesive strips keeps the pad in place without slipping it off.
  • Individually wrapped 
  • pH balanced system to fight the odors.