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Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC W/Hip Back (Motorized)

The flexible Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC W/Hip Back (Motorized) configuration empowers it to be utilized on the back, hip, or rib range. Utilizing ice is a great method for controlling ache and swelling after knee surgery both of which might be huge issues. Another incorporated pneumatic pump inside the cooler cover gives mechanized layering and chilly help. Cyclical clamping blends chilled water inside the sleeve and keeps up weight important to help avert.

Item Features and Benefits

  • anatomic sleeve outline for complete scope of influenced range
  • measured pressure for patient solace
  • controlled frosty wipes out the danger of tissue harm
  • detachable cooler takes into account continuous medication
  • perfect for post operation conditions and games wounds
  • one size fits any kind of shoe
  • provides pressure for the solace of folks


  • rehabilitation
  • chronic/intense torment

Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC W/Hip Back (Motorized) framework is intended to blanket the hip totally. Cooler that is separable aides in medication without any interference. The reason there is alert proposed is for the risk of putting new ice specifically into the appendage. This can result in smolders to the skin and conceivably lessening the stream of the blood and lymph dissemination.

The best approach to counter this is basic when utilizing a crisp icepack put a material on your knee first and the ice pack on top. A tea towel would be great. At the point when the fierceness of the ice has decreased, the fabric can then be evacuated and the pack connected straightforwardly to the skin. The two issues of Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC W/Hip Back (Motorized) - it is not huge enough. Just 4 pockets that load with chill water, would be decent to have accessible a bigger size, and this unit just works well if the cooler of ice/water is higher than the Velcro waist band.

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