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Blog posts of '2016' 'September'

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Natural Remedies for Menstrual Problems - 0 Comments
Most of the people today, prefer to go in for the home remedies for their problems, instead of going to the doctor for the same. This not only saves on their time, but also on their money. Some home remedies for menstruation problems include:

Parsley: These are of help for women who either have painful menses or don't have them at all. To overcome the problem of irregular blood flow, patients should take at least ½ a cup of parsley juice every day.

Papaya: Women having improper blood flow during their menstrual cycle, or experiencing extreme pain during these periods, are advised to take raw papaya as a remedial measure. Papaya assists in proper flow of the blood by ensuring proper functioning of the uterus muscles.

Sesame Seeds: Several women experience severe pain during menstrual periods. At such times, a filtrate of sesame seeds boiled with water, can prove out to be of great help. Sesame seeds also increase the blood release.

Coriander: Another drink that you can have to relieve yourself of menstrual pain is ,a filtrate of coriander seeds boiled with water until reduced to half. To reduce the level of bitterness, you may even add some sugar to the preparation. 

Banana: Apart from papaya, another fruit which is really useful during your menses, is banana. Not only is the fruit important, but, you can also use the banana leaf, cooked in little oil along with some curd, to get relief from back and stomach pain and excessive bleeding.