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How do Braces and Splints help? - 0 Comments

Human body has a tendency to heel by itself and this applies to joints of our body too. The best way for a joint to recover is by letting it making sure we move is as much as possible by protecting it from further damage. This basic concept of joint self-healing is known as functional management. Most of the products sold by are based on this principal. Aircast were the leaders in the concept of functional management for ankle sprains and edema. The Aircast stirrup is one such brace which is used as a standard treatment for such ankle sprains.

On this basic principle of functional management the foam walker, sp-walker and the leg brace are designed for foot and lower leg injuries. Using such devices helps in superior results in recovery.

The aircell design by aircast is based on principal of graduated compression therapy. The 2 overlapping aircells constantly massage the affected area slowly getting rid of the edema and help in reducing the swelling around the injury. Between compartments constant compression is provided by aircells because of the way they have been designed without providing any space between. The duplex aircell technology is the foundation on which some of the successful aircast products such as Aircast ankle Air-Stirrup, Pneumatic SP-Walker and Foam Walker is based on.

In addition to some aircast products one very common and successful product from is Darco Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve. This product is also based on the foundation of compression therapy. This product divides the foot in different zones from above the ankle till the toe. Each zone has a different level of compression provided and gives relief to foot from injuries such as: Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, Edema etc. This product is easy to wear at work! And can be worn with shoe.