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Evolution Walker - A Life time partner in golden age - 0 Comments
Evolution Walker - A Life time partner in golden age

Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. ~ Leroy “Satchel” Paige

Or we can say, “If your body doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter”. But, the harsh reality is we can rule over our minds but definitely not over our bodies! With the natural age cycle the strength, vitality, energy in us starts to wither away. While once exploring, roaming out in garden, basking in the glory of the sun, reveling in the life’s majesty was something we loved doing with age all this turns into an unachievable task for us!

How many times have you heard your parents or Grandparents complaint about their aching legs after just walking a few metres, swollen joints, severe knee pain? All because they had to force themselves to walk to the store which was just a few stone’s throw away, obviously, they did not want to bother you taking them along!

But the pain that they suffer afterwards is simply unbearable by their bodies and to see them like this is a sight unbearable to our hearts! It’s time all of us take a pledge to never let our parents; grandparents suffer through the test of old age!

It’s high time we introduce them to something which will inject life back into them. Gift them Evolution Trillium Series Walker, one of a kind, most comfortable walker in the market today!

Why Evolution Trillium Series Walker?

Well! Why not?

With a new quilted padded seat cushion and a wide back strap pad, users can sit in comfort and walk in style. It comes with an all new cable free braking system, allowing for effortless handle height adjustment and easy maintenance. 

A quick rundown through its gazillion of other features:

  • No Cables no hassle. Dont see them makes it clean and tangle free.

  • Want to clean your rollator then you can remove your seat cushions.

  • Oh my my light like a feather are the wheels of your rollator.

  • You need extra comfort then have it with 1.5" wide seat having a quilted and padded seat cushion

  • Breaking system is without cables which are hidden and easy to adjust and maintain.

  • Get a basket for carry on luggage which is collapsible,foldable and removable.


Hey! It’s not over yet!


Optional Accessories:   “Style imbued in every aspect”


  • Cup Holder  (Because, a chilled drink wouldn’t hurt)

  • Phone Holder (For those chit-chat sessions on the go!)

  • Flower Vase (Cute! Isn’t it, We can do almost anything to make you smile)



How about if we add some colors to your ride?


Available in:   “What’s in is out on our website”


  • Carbon Black

  • Pink

  • Chinatown Blue


Now, make age just a number and do not sink into slumber!

Because, when our Evolution Trillium Series Walker is here you definitely don’t have to care! Be a child again, be free to wander in the open grounds, totally safe and sound. Let nothing define you and let age never describe you..

Just like ours, we understand the value of your life too. One life, one time, innumerable roles to play, so many dreams to fulfil, so much to achieve, let nothing refrain you from living a life of the “Size of a King”. Set yourself and the people you love free from the shackles of old age.

With Home Health Care Shoppe’s Evolution Trillium Series Walker don’t regret growing older because this is a privilege denied to many!