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Bort Activecolor Ankle Support - 0 Comments

It is very important to be proactive in safe guarding one of the most sensitive areas of our body i.e ankles. Ankle sprains or injuries these days are not uncommon occurrences, researchers and doctors have listed out the most possible reasons for these i.e. stumbling while descending the stairs, walking on uneven grounds, a bad landing of a jump, voracious sports people etc…like these there can be many reasons and situations where one can subject their ankle to a lot of distress. Anatech one of the pioneers in the healthcare products post an exudative research introduced an amazing product the Bort Activecolor Ankle Supportthat is designed to effectively support and protects your ankles from any injuries.

How does the Bort Activecolor Ankle Support work its magic?

  • The use of Polyamide and Lycra combination material is what makes this Ankle sleeve on of the most protective and assured comfort product
  • The designing brilliance is seen in the fact that the ankle support hugs and fits around the ankle area unlike other supports that make an uncomfortable bulge in the area
  • The ankle sleeve is successful as its designed to put out strong compression force that plays a major role in curbing the possibility of overstraining of the joints or any other surrounding musculature
  • The practicality of the ankle sleeve is such that it is made to easily fit into any make or kind of shoe without any discomfort
  • High importance laid on the fitting of the sleeve and ensured that it perfectly fits because of the brilliant pendulum heel concept
  • Owing to the absolute fit and the amazing support provided by the ankle sleeve the possibility of injuring on your ankle is reduced to a great extent irrespective of the movements

Considered the most uncomplicated and absolutely simple protection for ankles the Bort Activecolor Ankle Support allows the much needed support and comfort while self-adjusting in order to avoid any restriction to the user’s movement. One can find these sleeves in different colors i.e. white, blue, red, beige and black along with various sizes from small – extra large.