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Aircast Venapure Stocking W/Inspection Toe, Below Knee - 1 Comments

VenaPure is a stocking of anti-embolism variety that has been designed specially keeping in mind that it can provide an ultimate clinical experience. This product named Aircast Venapure Stocking W/Inspection Toe, Below Knee has been launched with an intention to enhance the range of Aircast for vascular products.  It is manufactured with a mixture of nylon and spandex having a ration of 9:1. The material has been designed in such a manner so that it can provide a proper anatomical fitness to the one using it. The one who will use it will get two reliefs from utmost pain.

There are varying sizes available for it like one is available below the knee, one is up to the thigh length, and one is up to the waist length.  An Aircast VenaPure finds its utility in cases like thrombosis in deep vein for hospitalised patients. It is also useful in the case of pulmonary embolism. Apart from these two it also finds utility in different types of adverse cases of patients.  Aircast Venapure Stocking W/Inspection Toe, Below Knee helps in maintaining the integrity of the skin and minimizes pressure on the foot. The clinical product will also give a gradual compression so as to reduce venous stasis and dilation. It is easy to identify the popliteal break that can be well identified with the help of a single change in stitch. This will ensure that the pressure is well relieved around popliteal vein.

As mentioned earlier there is wide range of sizes and styles available that increases the flexibility of patients to get the right kind of product for them. There is also the facility of tape measurement available in the dispensers so at it make it easy to measure the tapes. There is a color code for toe and top that makes sure that the product has been chosen as per the right measurement of the patient. In order to position it well the Aircast Venapure Stocking W/Inspection Toe, Below Knee also has an Inlay knit in the circumference that will keep the stock in a right position every time is worn.