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Bort Valco Premium Hallux Valgus Splint - 0 Comments

Many of us have experienced the immense pain when by mistake our toe twist or misplaces for a fraction of second. So, when Hallux i.e. the Big toe due to a condition bends and bends to such an extent that it faces the baby toes; imagine the pain and discomfort one can be in. This condition is called Hallux Valgus and this bending of the toe gives birth to a bunion. The reason for condition has not been confirmed, however, many have been able to list down the most common reasons for it to occur or aggravate. Treatments for Hallux Valgus vary from surgical procedures to shaving of the bunion or surgery fixing the disfigured toe etc… One such possible solution for the hallux valgus is the use of Bort Valco Premium Hallux Valgus Splint that has a record to fix the position of the big toe whilst ensuring that the possibility of recurrence is curbed.

Salient features of the amazing Bort Valco Premium Hallux Valgus Splint:

  • The prime reason of introducing the Valgus splint is working as a bridge on the basic joint and correct the position of the bent Big Toe
  • Considering the fact that this splint is required to be used almost throughout the day and for long periods of time it is made of a special ABS plastic with ventilation hole incorporated to ensure that the temperature inside is controlled and not result in further distress
  • The foam padding of the splint assures comfort to the user hence proving that there are products that can be very sturdy assuring safety whilst being comfortable so they can be worn for longer durations to ensure relief or cure of the condition
  • Since the splint is latex free users can be confident while using it and can do away from any stress regarding skin irritations or discomfort
  • The incorporation of two Velcro fasteners helps comfortably adjust the positioning of the toe so that wearing a shoe and walking does not become a night mare to all suffering with Hallux Valgus
  • The Bort Valco Premium Hallux Valgus Splintcomes in varied sizes ranging from small to large so that people of all sizes can use it depending on their shoe size.