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Blog posts of '2016' 'April'

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Oh My God Pimples I am so Teen!!! - 0 Comments

How do you get rid of or prevent pimples


Option 1

if u need a quick fix, here's wat u do: 15 mins before bed get some toothpaste Colgate Total Toothpaste on the blemishes leave it on for 10 or 15 mins the fluoride will get the pimples to dry up!! Then wash it off & by the next day it should be gone or less huge!!! Trust me it works! 

or buy a an acne cream that has enough Peroxide [10% is strong enough to get rid of them, make sure to put a very even little amount on the affected area so your skin wont dry out!] to dry them out it works too 



Option 2:

There's this medicine called differin cream and you put it on at night. Then in the morning and throughout the day you put on this stuff called duac gel. I used to get pimples all the time before this. But it's prescription only though. So you should probably talk to a doctor.


Option 3:

Wash your face twice a day 
it works with me and my friends to help prevent


Option 4:

get ice and put on your pimple for 15 mins. after that lotionize with nivea lotion it doesn't matter which type you get but it works, keep doing it until it goes away. Do not try popping it. This is also works with any other acne problem