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Aircast Venaflow Elite Foot Cuff - 0 Comments

With age number of problems also increase. One such pain is the foot pain. Rapid walking is difficult as one tends to develop pain with it. The problem is often ignored by people as being one due to arthritis but it is very important to know the exact cause of the pain. There are other reasons also for the pain in the foot and one such is leg edema. There are other causes also like thrombosis and lack of proper blood circulation in that part. Foot is the last part of our body and thus it is often seen that blood is not able to reach it properly.

The age factor or the inability of the veins to pump blood is the possible cause for such a problem. In such a case it is very important to make blood circulation proper in that part also otherwise any serious consequence can happen in it also. This is the why people have started realizing the seriousness of the problem and are using Aircast Venaflow elite foot cuff. The device uses a unique way to redress the problem by generating blood circulation in the tissue. The circulation is increased using compression and inflation using the pump attached in the device kit.

The functionality of the pump is to provide pressure for inflation as well as compression of the part. This when done rapidly raises blood flow in the foot. This should be done in regular intervals to provide the best possible results. The body of the paralyzed person also benefits from Aircast Venaflow elite foot cuff. The regular contraction and inflation raises the blood flow in the part which is disabled such as the leg in this case. The device in spite of its many advantages should be used with proper medical advice to give best results.