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Mobility Scooters- Buying Guide for seniors

Mobility Scooters- Buying Guide for seniors

There are several ways to find a cheap mobility scooter. In this day and age, who can blame you for wanting to get the best price on a vehicle that will help you regain the ability to move about, visit your friends, or just move around the house and go shopping! On this page, we will go over four ways to reduce your cost when buying your bargain mobility scooter.

First, have you thought of your health insurance? A lot of the time, insurance will pay for the mobility scooter based on the doctor’s prescription. If you have extended health benefits, they will contribute as much as 80% toward the cost of your mobility electric scooter. This alone will bring your out of pocket expense for the mobility scooter down to a manageable level. With some insurance, you could even end up with a completely free mobility scooter on your hands.

Second, have you thought what type of mobility scooter do you want? Electric power chairs, or power wheel chairs sport bigger and more comfortable seats, but can cost in excess of $3,000 or more. Due to their weight, a special mobility ramp or a mobility lift will be needed to move them across the stairs in the house, and a mobility scooter carrier will be required to transport them in a car. So these will be additional expenses that may not even be covered by most insurances, private or government. When you choose a mobility scooter instead of a power wheelchair, you will relinquish some comfort when riding due to smaller and lighter wheels, and due to a less comfortable and usually smaller seat, but your overall cost will be much less. You will be able to get an inexpensive mobility scooter for less than a $1,000 and, you will be able to pick a folding mobility scooter, or a scooter you can easily break down and transport in a trunk of the car, again saving money on transportation and reducing your overall cost.


Third, once you have decided on what insurance you will use, and whether you will want a power wheel chair or a mobility scooter, you will have several choices for brand names and models. The choices in the mobility scooter marketplace are tremendous and alone on our website you will find a good selection and several reviews of different brands and models of mobility scooters you can pick from. There are a number of discount mobility scooters to be had.

Fourth, if your finances still do not allow a purchase of a brand new mobility scooter, you can always go with a used mobility scooter. Just be sure that you know it is in a good working order. Ask about the age of the battery as well and be prepared to invest some money down the road in a new battery, and in possible upgrades or repairs.

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