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Aircast Ankle Cryo Cuff only

The Ankle Cryo Cuff joins the therapeutic profits of controlled pressure to reduce hemarthrosis and swelling, and icy to minimize torment. The sleeve is anatomically intended to totally fit the lower leg giving most extreme cryotherapy. The Ankle Cryo Cuff is one-size for grown-ups and is additionally accessible in a pediatric size. It incorporates lower leg cryo and cooler. 

Ice treatment and squeezing are the best medication for lower leg swelling and ache that can go with a sprained lower leg, disjoined lower leg, lower leg joint pain, Avulsion cracks, and after lower leg arthroscopy and lower leg surgery. At the point when the Autochill framework is utilized with the Aircast Ankle Cryo Cuff Only. It ought to just be utilized within a medicinal office or clinical environment with immediate human services supplier supervision. 

Item peculiarities and profits

  • Anatomic sleeve plan for complete scope of influenced zone
  • measured pressure for patient solace
  • controlled frosty dispenses with the danger of tissue harm
  • Detachable cooler takes into account continuous medication
  • Sizes for both grown-up and pediatric patients


  • Acute sprain
  • Trauma
  • Post-op lower leg and foot surgery
  • Rehabilitation

The sleeve appears to be too huge, and it does not top off great with the water. The water just stays cool for a brief time; emptying it goes into the cooler is badly arranged when you have damage. You continually needed to include ice and refill sleeve. The Aircast Ankle Cryo Cuff only works with the Aircast Cooler to alleviate lower leg agony and swelling. It is unbelievably easy to use at home.

 Simply fill the Aircast Cooler with ice and water. The Cooler holds 3.5 liters of water and ice - enough for 6-8 hours of ice help - an any longer helpful period than an ice pack. The Cooler is connected to the Aircast Ankle Cryo Cuff only which it cozily fits the lower leg joint. Hoist the Cooler above lower leg tallness to fill the Wrap with ice frosty water to give ice-cold water to give compression and ice therapy.

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