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Aircast Venaflow Elite Calf Cuff

Venaflow is a device which helps in proper flow of blood in the body. The tissues of our body are something out of reach of the blood supply which causes extreme pain in them. In such a case the most important thing to do is to give aircast venaflow elite calf cuff to the one suffering from the problem. The device is made only for the purpose of providing relief from calf pain. It is for providing deep vein treatment to the tissues. The instrument understands that the problem of thrombosis is due to inadequate blood in that region and thus works in such a way that the problem is redressed.

The source of the problem or the cause is redressed in the treatment process of it. The device has the mechanism to function like a prophylaxis. It uses rapid inflation and then compression to generate blood flows in the affected part of the body. The region of the calf is a fleshy one and when there is not a proper flow of blood in these regions then through contraction and inflation of a rapid basis the blood flow is generated in the part.

The ones who suffer from paralysis find this method highly useful in the treatment of their disabled legs. The part of their body is disabled which leads to no blood circulation in that part of the body. Thus the best way to treat these patients is to provide them a proper venaflow such that circulation starts in their disabled parts very quickly. The making of  aircast venaflow elite calf cuff is suited for the patients suffering from thrombosis, leg edema and the ones who lack blood circulation in the proper manner in their body. The consultation of doctor or proper guide to explain its working is also very important.

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