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Active Ankle Volt - 0 Comments

Trends are prone to change and improvement, ankle braces are no exception to this rule. With extensive research and considering feedback from customer Active has launched the most unique and bettered brace for ankle protection. The Ankle Volt a revolutionary Ankle brace is one of its kinds in the market and has a reputation of doing its job better than any in the race. The gliding hinge, changed technology, improvisations on the existing pluses of the brace and many more are the highlights of the Ankle Volt.

What to look out for when considering the Active Ankle Volt?

  • Moving away from the straps generation, the active ankle volt introduced the use of hinges with the help of stirrups both inside and outside the ankle. This additions helped improve on the flexibility and extension of the ankle
  • Considering the primary downside of the other braces being the bending and unusable state of the brace over a period of time, the Active Ankle Volt uses the Carbon Fiber Technology that makes it almost impossible for the stirrups to bend or reshape like in the braces made of thermoplastic
  • To tap on the stability factor as well, theActive Volt included a polypropylene layer that forms increased stability whilst keeping the space intact to still ensure that the brace sits well inside a shoe gear. This from feedback has improved the life of the brace while tightening the protection of the sides of eth ankle from any trauma or injury
  • Working on the feedback received form the Active Ankle Trainer T1 and T2, Active Ankle Volt improved on the hinge design. The company incorporated a new molded bearing design that resulted in smoother motion of the hinge. This helped in the stable lateral and rotational movements of the foot and gave more motion to the flexion and extension of the ankle
  • Good news for all ankle brace users!!! The painful side ribs of the brace(that dig into the heel bone) along the heel bone have now been trimmed and made thinner allowing the ribs for enough room to flex and bend