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Anatex Elbow Sleeve W/Tendon Strap - 0 Comments

We have read and learnt even in our high school studies that elbow is the most critical part of the hand that assists in every miniscule movement of the hand. However, since the elbow is a combination of bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluid etc… it stands a higher chance of tension and tear, hence in constant need of care and assistance. Usually when the tendons attached to the bone are overused or over stretched then they weaken and become extremely painful. It is due to these conditions that one needs to use an elbow sleeve to provide that extra support. The Anatex Elbow Sleeve with Tendon strap is an exceptional product that has won several hearts due to the amazing relief it provides from many conditions like Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow and any elbow sprains

Features of Anatex Elbow Sleeve with Tendon strap:

  • The Elbow sleeve with the adjustable Velcro tendon strap helps localize the pressure from sensitive areas like extensor and flexor tendons
  • The designing brilliance of the sleeve is such that when worn it applies compression on the muscles and ligament
  • Since the sleeve is made of thin and long lasting material with 3mm neoprene, the user  enjoys warmth and is assured on no perspiration even when wrapped tightly
  • Not only are they comfortable but the Velcro tendon straps are very user friendly, easily adjustable and what more you can even place an order for them separately if you need a replacement
  • To avoid undue pressure directly on the elbow the designer incorporated a hole on the elbow area of the sleeve
  • The sleeve is designed with utmost care so that while wearing it compression is only on the delicate ligament or muscle
  • If the idea a strap with sleeve makes you uncomfortable, you also have an option of buying a strap without  sleeve

The Anatex Elbow Sleeve with Tendon strapis aesthetically designed to suit your needs of protecting your elbows while keeping in mind the cool look quotient as some may need to use it extensively. These sleeves also come in colors to match up to your needs i.e. Black and Beige.