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    By living healthy get rid of your body fat and give your metabolism a kick start

    By living healthy get rid of your body fat and give your metabolism a kick start

    Losing weight is no easy task, we see all types of advertisements but the saying kicks in “No Gain without Pain”. To put it in simple words losing weight is another way of saying rediscovering your health. Healthy living is losing your body weight; below I am discussing some of my personal steps that have helped me achieve my goals in rediscovering my body after turning 40 and hopefully I can help you rediscover yours as well.

    If you want to lose weight fast, then these are 3 of the best exercises for fast weight loss that I have listed below that will help you lose weight in record time.

    1. Interval running: Running has the potential to burn more calories per amount of time worked than any other exercise there is. No, I don’t mean jogging. You can use walking, then jogging as a way to prepare yourself to be able to run in the future. Running on hard surfaces creates stress on your knee joints. Make sure you wear a good pair of shoes and if required a good quality knee brace will help you keep that stress away.

    2. Rowing: I love rowing. Rowing is a complete body workout and can be done outside on a lake, in the comfort of your own home, or at a gym. It burns a lot of calories and builds lean muscle.

    3. Squat Presses: This exercise is well known to trainers and athletes alike, but not to the mainstream. It is simply taking a dumbbell or a barbell, then doing a squat. As you come to the top of your squat, you press the dumbbells (or barbell) above your head and then bring it back down and repeat

    Exercise and yoga are really best way to reduce weight. Yoga helps you to control your stress level and very important factor to take control of your own life, stress is one big factor which leads you to an unhealthy life style.

    Your daily food and water intake also helps in determining if you are living a healthy life style.

    1: Drink at least 9-15 litres of water in a day
    2:Take a morning walk 2-5 kms each day
    3:Before your morning walk take lemon juice (Take lemon , one spoon of honey in one glass of warm water stir it well and drink it).
    4: After your walks refrain from eating for about 30 minutes and let your body use up that extra fat stored.
    5: Avoid junk and oily diet, homemade food salad and lots of fiber based greens are a new way of life.

    Anything which has the 3 whites (WWW) (Wheat, Sugar, Salt) should be reduced to minimum. All types of breads if you can avoid after 6 PM is the best way to reduce your body weight. Watch healthy people how they maintain their bodies especially some of the older fit generations.



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