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Choosing the Right Birth Control Method

Choosing the Right Birth Control Method

Choosing the correct birth control method can help you have peace of mind and prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are many options, each with different benefits and risks. Your physician can advise the best option for you.

Birth Control Pills

The pill is one of the multiple standard types of birth control. It contains a progesterone-like drug that prevents a woman from ovulating. Its effect lasts about three months and requires regular consumption for it to be effective. However, it is not for everyone and women with liver problems, migraine headaches, or blood clots should avoid it. 

IUD Device

Another form of birth control is an intrauterine device (IUD). A healthcare provider inserts this device. It works by thickening cervical mucus and preventing sperm from reaching the uterus. It is a flexible T-shaped device placed in the vagina. IUD is the oldest technique and is very effective. Still, it takes time for an external device to become compatible with your body and can be irritating in the initial phase before settling down.

The Contoured Diaphragm

The Caya diaphragm is another type of contraceptive device. It is a dome-shaped rubber cup with a flexible rim, and the foam inside the ring destroys the male sperm. It is inserted into the vagina using an applicator and is used with a spermicide ex: Contragel. Females use it for emergency contraception.

Female Sterilization Method

The most effective method is the female sterilization method. Doctors often recommend this procedure for women who have had multiple miscarriages and need to avoid pregnancy. It is very effective and can prevent pregnancy up to three days after sex. It is available for purchase at most pharmacies.

Contraceptive Injection

Medroxyprogesterone acetate is a contraceptive injection that contains the hormone progestin. This method is 88 to 94 percent effective and is available by prescription. It is most effective for women who are less than 198 pounds. Depo-Provera is offered as an injection every three months and is available in the pharmacy or doctor's office.

Male Condoms

A male condom is the most commonly used to manage birth control. It will reduce your risk of STIs and is very effective when used with other birth control methods described above. A male condom is available from your health care provider or a drugstore.

Male Vasectomy

A male vasectomy is a surgical procedure that cuts the sperm tubes. It can result in abnormal sperm that can cause congenital disabilities. It is a reversible process for males.


If you are considering taking a birth control pill, you should talk to your doctor. They can prescribe you the proper medication and explain how to use it. The best time to take the drug is at the same time every day. It is best to take the pill before breakfast or before bed. During your first month of use, you will need to stop taking the hormone-containing medication for seven days. This allows the hormones to remain in your body for a few weeks before you begin to ovulate again.