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Legrest Assembly Elevating By Medline

Legrest Assembly Elevating By Medline
$111.30 $122.43

Lightweight Wheelchairs K4

Light and easy to store. It weighs 45lbs. Available in different sizes with Quick shipping.
$499.99 $569.87

Maverick Executive 3-Wheel Scooter ** NOT AVAILABLE **

Maverick Executive Series Scooter in 3 wheels by Drive Medical - Style and Performance combined!

Medline Walker Strider Tyke, Guardian (Each, Height (24.5"-28.5"))

Walker Strider Tyke, Folding Child Guardian Medline, Pediatrics.

Metal handle Bar

Metal Handle Bar by Evolution
$25.00 $30.00

Nitro Aluminum Rollator with 10" Casters (Hemi Height)

Nitro Rollator in aluminum frame with 10" casters for better and safe mobility. A top seller hemi height rollator is for short people. It is 2 inches shorter than regular walker.

Nitro Cup Holder

Securely holds cup or bottle and Fits all Drive Nitro models

Nitro DLX Euro Style Rollator

Durable comfortable and firm seat separates easily for rollator to fold. 10 inch casters for smooth rolling, and super easy to store and adjust back seat with a tool free thumb screw.

Nitro Elite CF (Cable Free), Carbon Fiber Rollator

Nitro Rollator in Carbon Fiber frame with 10" casters for better and safe mobility! The carbon fiber frame makes it the lightest walker in the Canadian market. The weight of Nitro elite is only 14lbs.
$1,149.10 $1,239.99

Nitro Glide Knee Walker

The Nitro Knee Walker offers users recovering from a below-the-knee injury the ability to remain mobile and glide through their daily activities in an all-new sleek design.
$350.00 $420.00

Nut Cover

Nut Cover by Evolution

One Button Walker

One Button Walker Medline
$171.36 $188.50

OptiFlex3® Knee CPM (continuous passive motion machine)

For Rental information for this product please call us at: 604-942-4611
$5,145.99 $6,589.99

Overhead Anti-Theft Device

Overhead Anti-Theft Device
$44.45 $43.12

Oxygen Tank Holder

Oxygen Tank Holder
$45.23 $45.43

Pediatric Folding Walkers

$113.78 $129.87

Phoenix HD 3-Wheel Scooter

The compact travel series, handles pressure durable without this scooter sacrificing comfort and style
$2,065.70 $2,200.00

Phoenix HD 4-Wheel Scooter

The compact travel series, Phoenix HD in 4 wheels by Drive Medical-Style and Comfort blended!
$2,267.70 $2,499.00

Plastic Food and Drink Tray

Plastic Food and Drink Tray by Evolution
$35.99 $35.00

Plastic Handle Trim

Plastic Handle Trim by Evolution
$20.00 $24.00

Plastic Seat

Plastic Seat by Evolution
$30.00 $35.00

Platform Attachment For Walkers

Platform Attachment Walker Medline
$49.59 $54.55

Platform Attach Mid -Tween

Platform Attach Mid -Tween Medline
$63.00 $69.30

Platform Attachment Adult Guardian

Platform Attachment Adult Guardian Medline
$56.45 $62.09